Pipefitter - business trip

A large company is looking for an employee for the position of pipefitter.

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Job description



General supplies of investment units
Projection, production, and assembly:
specialized machines and equipment
gas devices
media distribution systems
pressure devices and tanks
ventilation and cooling equipment
steel structures of all types and applications


  • Knowledge of drawing documentation - pipeline isometry
  • Knowledge of pipeline preparation (beveling, measuring lengths)
  • Knowledge of piping installation


The work is carried out on construction sites, in workshops and factories, in power plants, and in agriculture. Often noisy rooms.

The most used working tools are welding machines, including presses, oxygen and gas cylinders.




 You need work experience, the ability to concentrate, quick reaction, work with drawings and technical documentation, and good eyesight.



Will you be working at a company in the Czech Republic and then assembling them

Work outside the Czech Republic within the EU - Germany, France, Austria, 

There are maybe 1-2 months - until the order is filled


10-12 hours a day, it all depends on the number of orders received. Additional paid hours are possible; the employer always accommodates specialists. Work from Monday to Friday, two days off (Saturday, and Sunday), but again, part-time work on Saturday is possible.



from 200 - brutto (starting)

220 CZK/hour - brutto - after testing period 

performance bonus - 0 - 5000 CZK

(a very good welder has a salary of 55 000 CZK)

overtime at the request of the employee, is paid at the rate of a regular working day



provided and paid for by the employer. Apartments from the company, if the workplace is located near company. The apartment has its own kitchen and bathroom, equipped with everything necessary (refrigerator, microwave, wi-fi, bedding. Accommodation in a room for 2-3 people. If you work in another part of the Czech Republic or in other states, a dormitory will be provided.



paid accommodation (+ furniture and dishes),

work clothes\uniform,

travel to work place

2 years
free accommodation